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General Information

General Information

Name: Tieria Erde


Gundam 00

Age: Unknown. Appears to be a teenager, yet comports himself like an adult. 

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 134 lbs

Species: Innovade. Tieria is an artificial life form that was designed to be a bioterminal for the centuries-old quantum computer Veda, with the unknown directive of guiding humanity to Innovation for the Dialogues that are to come. He is a combat-type, meant specifically to be a Gundam Meister as chosen by Veda.

Affiliation: Celestial Being, as a Gundam Meister and administrator of Veda. However, above all, he is dedicated to doing what is right by himself and the strange little family he has found on the Ptolemy.

Sexuality: Asexual. He has no reason nor desire to pursue a sexual relationship as it was never 'written into his programming,' though he has learned through observation and experience the concepts and ideas behind romantic affairs. He does know love, though it is a love that exists within families or between comrades.

Furthermore, combat-type Innovades such as Tieria were designed without consideration to gender stereotypes. As they're not expected to blend with society, adding readily observable means of differentiation  was a waste of resources. This is the reason why Tieria and the other Innovades are androgynous. There is no practical reason for them to be anything else.

In other words, I do not run Moeria Erdere.